Under 10s - 09 Vintage - Week 4

Rats 09 Vintage,

Well last night was freezing. But I want you to remember that these are the training sessions that make a champion team. When others choose to stay home or find an excuse not to train, the best train and they train hard. This is the edge, this is the difference between a normal team and a great team. Things worth winning are hard and I really enjoy seeing the willingness of every player wanting to push themselves and be a part of this group.

Last night you talked about how you wanted to be known as a team. What values would best describe the under 10s Rats at the end of 2019. From our homework we came up with 4 key words for our team:

  1. Respect

  2. Unstoppable

  3. Well Organised

  4. Never Give In

See below, this is what we will take away to the State Championship

Focus Points from Session 4:

Keep working on your individual skills, we must improve on:

  • Catch & pass

  • Individual tackle

  • Cleanout

  • Knowledge

Make sure you read your individual work on slip that you received at last night’s training. These are the areas the coaches have identified you need to improve on.


1. Read above sheet and learn it?

(Remember we will be checking at training that you gave your mum a hug and told her you love her. Giving your mum or dad a 20 second hug a day is proven to make you feel better and help you mentally )

Next training Monday 3rd June 2019

Internal TrialWarm up 5:00pm Game from 5:20 – 6:20pm



Please click on the link below to select your sons sizing for the above gear, this order will be placed if your son is selected on the 5th June.


Extra Gear – If parents wish to order their child any extra gear please use the link below, your order will only be placed if your son is selected. This gear is outside what is included in the registration.

$60 each - tracksuit pants & wet weather jacket



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